Best time visit Da Nang City – Central of Vietnam

The beaches are one of the most traveled and populated places during summer. Where ever you go in Asia, you will find these beaches fully booked. The crowd is overwhelming and the beach lovers are really enjoying and having a good time. When summer comes, the first thing that people can think of is how to spend it wisely. Summer days come and you will find the airports full of travelers from different walks of life and different nationalities, rushing in and out, catching their flights and some are running in to get passenger flights just to get have a holiday in other countries.

If you are looking for a good place to spend your summer days, you better come to Vietnam and have a good time on the most beautiful beaches around. Some of the beautiful beaches in Vietnam can be found in Da nang City, which is in the central part of Vietnam. This city is not just famous because of the beautiful beaches, but also with the stunning hills and mountains and shrines in the pagodas and caves.

Da Nang city fireworks

Why are you thinking about only summer days coming to Danang City? Of course, if there is too much rain, then you will not fully enjoy the beauty of the beaches and it won’t be that easy to go to the hills and mountains. That is why it is very important for a traveler to think about the best season when visiting a country, especially if you are planning to have fun outdoors. It is also not a good idea to come and visit the Danang City if it is too hot. You would not like to burn your skin and cover the whole of your body just to avoid too much heat, right? Another thing, if you are fully covered, then how can you enjoy swimming at the beach? Best Da Nang city tours:

The months of April and May are the best time to come and visit the city of Da nang because these are the months where the dry season is starting to come. It is the best time because during these months, it is not too hot, which means that you can really enjoy sunbathing, swimming and do your outdoor activities. Also, in these months, you can’t barely experience rain falls. When the weather in Da nang is dry, and it is sunny, then it will be more comfortable for you to go out to the city and explore what Da nang has for you.

For the months of May until August, it is also good, but the weather is hotter. This only means that it will not be convenient and comfortable for people who are fond of the cold weather. And if you would like to have a swim and do your activities outside, then you have to wait until the heat cools down. It may also have rains in other areas.

Bana Hill - Danang city

August up to December should not be chosen when planning to visit Da nang City because during these months there are heavy rains. You can’t enjoy the trip if the rain is too heavy. You won’t appreciate the beauty of the beach and it will be dark in the area. So, these are the bad times that you must not consider to choose for your trip.

Tourists who are really planning to come and visit Da nang City must really plan well and choose a flight on April and May. This is the best time to come for a visit, so you will surely enjoy every second of your stay. Da nang City is such a great place for beach lovers, so do not let the weather spoil your great holiday.

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