Choosing the Best running shoes for high arches

Having high arches

People have various figures, sizes and shapes when it comes to their feet. We grew with it at that size and shape. Now, there are people having high arches. If you are a runner with high arches, do you think you can compete with other runners?

First, you have to know that if you have high arches, it only means that more weight will be engaged on the balls and on the heel of your feet. In that case, runner having high arches will have a higher chance of experiencing pain and instability during the run.

Best running shoes for high arches


You must also know that arches are very important, especially if you are a runner because the arches will guide your weight from the heels, through the edge of your feet and to the balls of your feet. Through your arch, you can be comfortable in moving forward. Your arch also functions as a shock absorber. Now, if your arch doesn’t have a support or if your arch is high, then it might not be able to absorb the shock. This will then lead to pain and the runner might get some injuries.

Injuries caused by high arches

Aside from the pains that runners experience with having a high arch, there are still other injuries that these runners may get. These are the most common problems that runners encounter during the run. With your high arches, these problems are expected to happen.

Some of these injuries are called, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendonitis, arthritis, calluses, ankle sprains, hammertoes and pain that are experienced in the balls of the feet.

With such problems that you may later on encounter because you have high arches, will you still continue running? Why not? You may still run because today, there are already pairs of running shoes for high arches that are available on the market. So, if you have these shoes, then you can minimize and prevent the injuries.

Best running shoes for high arches review

To give you the best options to choose from when buying the best running shoes for high arches, we have here a list of running shoes for lady runners.

One of the excellent choice is the Women’s GEL-Kinsei 6 from the Asics. It has an Impact Guidance System for enhancing the gait of the feet. It also has a special guidance line vertical flex channel and a heel clutching system that gives the runner, who don’t over pronate, the best experience. Another feature is the innovative cuprothermo film material on the shoes that will help the runner keep warm when the weather is cold and this material will also allow the shoes to release heat when the weather is warm. It makes use of slimlight materials that gives the shoes weigh at an extra light. Strong materials are used in the shoes, so you are sure that the shoes are stable.

Another option is the Wave Prophecy 5 from Mizuno. With the advanced technology used in this shoe, your feet will keep dry and cool. It has an excellent ventilation that keeps the runners’ feet from sweating. It has a generous toe box with an enhanced midfoot hold.

We have here the best options for men.

First is the Ghost 9 from the Brooks. These shoes are light and bouncy. It also offers the best smooth heel to your toe transition while you are running. It has a segmented crashpad and a DNA cushioning for the comfort of the feet of those who have high arches when they are running or walking.

Another good option is the Wave Prophecy 5 from the Mizuno. It has a cooling technology to keep your feet feel dry. It has an enhanced midsole and an improved cushioning. Its outsole has flex grooves for flexibility and with a blow rubber for grip and comfort enhancement. The upper has stitches to improve the durability. It has a wave technology that absorbs shock.

Those are the best running shoes for high arches. Both the men and the women who are into running may check out the review of the pairs of shoes. You might find these pairs of running shoes a bit expensive, but that will be fine because you know that your money is worth it.

Mr. Jacques has so much passion in running. He has tried various trainings on the road, along the sea shore and even running up and down the hills. He is always experiencing pains and minor injuries because he doesn’t always feel comfortable with his pair of running shoes. So, he walked into various shoe shops and found out that the running shoes must fit right with the kind of foot that you have. This is why he tried his best to gather information for runners who have difficulties in finding a pair of running shoes.”

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