Guides in Buying fish finders when Fishing with Kayaks

Fishing is one of the most exciting outdoor activities of some people who enjoys sailing on small boats or kayaks. Kayaking and fishing are two activities that add color to your weekends. Add the clean and fresh water you are cruising.

These activities become habitual and indeed a good way of spending time wisely. And because of the fun in fishing, you need to find ways on how you will improve the success rate of your fishing skills.

One of the things that will affect your fishing is the use of right fishing tools. You may have good fishing lines, spinning reels, trolling motors and fish finders on board. Not to forget putting on your life jacket and fishing sunglasses for your safety and protection.

Buying fish finders when Fishing with Kayaks


Now, let’s go back to your fishing tools. One of the most important tools that you must have is a fish finder for kayak activities. To possess a fish finder is an electronic device that uses sound wave transmissions to gather figures, which are essential to your fishing activity that have a look about fish finder. It has a screen, showing graphs and images interpreted for your information needs. With such technology, fishing can bring more fun and excitement.

Benefits of using fish finders

  • You will know about the depth of water.
  • You will know about the water column depth through the split screen feature.
  • You will be aware about the underground structure.
  • You will find flat zones.
  • You can locate your bait easier.
  • You can track your location.
  • You can assume the quantity of fish.
  • You can get details of the fish.
  • You can get the temperature of water.

Factors to consider in choosing a fish finder for kayak

Fishing with your kayak looks very simple. Go out and start sailing, enjoy kayaking and catch some fish. It could have been simpler and easier, if you are going to use a fish finder for kayak. Before buying one, we have here a few factors for you to consider.


Consider the size of the screen. A 5 or 6-inch screen display with screen resolutions higher than 240×160 pixel will be fine. Do not go for bigger ones because you have a limited space on your kayak.


This is a very important feature of a fish finder. It is the one in-charge in emitting and sending the sonar waves sent into the water. You must also consider the angle, giving a wide degree for a better coverage. It comes with stainless steel or plastic housing material. Choose the one that you can easily mount or install.


Choose a fish finder that has more power, so that you can have a faster display of units.

Fish Finder for fishing on kayak Reviews

You may find it uneasy to decide on what fish finder for kayak to buy. So, we have here brief reviews of various products for you to choose from.

On top is the FishHunter Fish Finder. It comes with 380kHz transducer, Bluetooth at 100ft range, Bluetooth casting at 80ft range, up to 60ft ice fishing depth, recording function, GPS system capability, mapping, navigating, smartphone compatible, bag, charger and USB cable. It is ideal for shore fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing and ice fishing.

Buying fish finders when Fishing with Kayaks


Our next option is the NorCrossHawkEye F33P fish finder. It comes with 25-degree beam angle, depth up to 99.9ft, works at sub-zero temperature, fish identifier function, fish alarm, depth scale, floatable sensor with a 35-foot cable, mountable sensor, 3AAA batteries for up to 20 hours, backlit display, LCD display, 4 sensitivity settings and side scanning. You may use it on your kayaks, small boats and canoes.

Lastly, we have the Signstek FF-003 fish finder. It comes with an LCD display with 512 colors, 240×160 screen resolution,depth range of 2.0-240ft, temperature indicator, sensitivity setting at 100-level, auto zoom feature, fish alarm, depth alarm, manual stop charting, boat charger, bag and 4AAA batteries.

Those are the fish finder options you may choose from when you go out fishing on your kayaks. Various products are available on the market. So, be smart in buying one. Choose the one that best suits your fishing needs. Always remember that the fish finder is a big help in your fishing activity.

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