Hang Rai- the Golden Address of Photo Hunters

Although there are not available tours, Hang Rai beach has attracted many photographers and adventurous backpackers with its wild beauty.

Located in the south of Vinh Hy Bay, about 35 km from Phan Rang, Hang Rai beach is like “a sleeping princess ” who is waiting for people to “wake up” in the famous landmarks of Ninh Thuan province. Hang Rai is not only a well- situated beach with mountains overlapping each other creating beautiful caves, but also the habitat of otters. It is also the origin of the special name – Hang Rai. Mountains here are not high, caves are not deep, but they are the endless inspiration for the paparazzi because of their impressive beauty with Chua mountain on one side, and blue sea with waves slapping and otters playing on the ledge on the other one.

hang rai beach

Besides admiring the excellent grandeur of the mountains, tourists can take a dip in the clear waters in the small beach nearby, enjoy the romantic look of the lake of fresh water falling down from Chua mountain and relax with the flows of the streams on the sand, in the shade of coconut groves looming behind cactus trees with red flowers all year round.

Hang Rai is wild but also peaceful. If you are a person who is fond of photography, coming to Hang Rai, you will certainly not leave this place without capturing rare settings from atop the mountain, the shade of nomads with goats roaming reflected on the cliff, which is in contrast with vibrant green color of the flowers and trees in the vast green space of Binh Tien Beach. Do not be so engrossed in shooting that you forget to enjoy moments of peace and beauty of the people and gather scene.

To experience the feeling of adventure on the mountain, tourists can wriggle into the small caves, even camp overnight to try once “living in the cave”. When the night falls, you can hear the waves slapping into mountains, hear people’s voice clearly echoing in the cave or feel the cool of the natural created cave of many years old. If you want to experience adventure in the sea, bring snorkel and goggles to dive deep in the clear water and admire the colorful fish swimming around the coral reefs.

People say that Hang Rai is home to the most beautiful coral reefs which is more beautiful than they are in Binh Tien or Thit beaches… Coral reefs here stretch kilometers long, with multiple species and multiple colors creating colorful paintings emerging on immense blue sea.

Visitors can also make a culinary feast in style of Hang Rai of their own. The specialty of  “moon snail” will be an indispensable dish in this party. If you do not know where to find this kind of snail, let’s go with village boys to dig them in the cave at dawn when the  tide is down then return to make the fire to cook delicious, fat fleshy, fragrant moon snail porridge. Also, do not miss the interesting fishing game rocks in the blue water as it will contribute to the sumptuous banquet with a typical dish of the sea – grilled fish.

hang rai beach

And after you’ve tired of the game with rock, with the sea, just sitting on a certain angle to take some wind, watching the boats hovering on the waves, the beautiful white salt fields or clinging mossy stone bridge connecting the fishing village wit the sea are enough to make visitors want the time to stop.

If you are backpackers and want to get immersed in local life, you can experience the daily work of the people here, such as fishing, feeding sheep and goats on mountain or planting rice in the valley. About souvenir, nothing seems to be more unique than fresh seafood sold right after the fishermen return from the sea.

Visiting Ninh Thuan once will be never fully enough for the excellent beauty of this place, especially this unspoiled Hang Rai – Chua mountain, where nature and people are in harmony in the painting called “charming mountain and sea”.

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