How to choose the best motorcycle lock nowadays

Thieves these days usually go by groups and they are very sophisticated on stealing. In that circumstance, motorcycle lock is the perfect choice to protect your vehicle. Customers can prevent their vehicles from being stolen and improve its security system with the equipment’s supporting functions.

You will feel absolutely safe if you choose our product. Although the system has various roles and different ways of operating, our top priority is always serving customers’ needs of burglar proof in the best way possible.

The safety of the customers’ vehicles and property is very important and it is also our top priority, so when your vehicle is left unwatched

If there’s one individual or a group of burglars tries to steal away your motorcycle, the motorcycle lock will automatically turn on the alarm and shut down the power to inform the owner and prevent the thieves from taking it away. Motorcycle lock is considered as a loyal companion to fight against burglars and keep your vehicle safe.

best motorcycle lock


How to choose the best motorcycle lock nowadays

Disc brake lock

This is considered to be one of the best anti-theft motorcycle methods; however, it’s also not easy to find the best lock. Some of the causes are there are too many motorcycle locks on the market these days with no trusted origin or testified.

Moreover, if the owner accidentally starts the engine or just wheel it, the disc brake lock might be damaged. And a spacious enough space is required in order for the owner to be able to lock it. Click here to look into more disc brake lock products with the best quality.

Using kickstand lock to prevent motorcycle burglars

These are quite simple locks for motorcycles. Even though it’s really cheap to use, there are still a couple of issues such as you need wide space to be able to use it because the kickstand needs to be in the up position first and that probably leads to having to see your vehicle fall down on the ground every once in a while, not only that a bit of dirt can easily make it stuck. Due to its many inconveniences, it is not very much popular at the moment.

Vibration sensor

This is how it works: when you turn it on, it only takes a slight touch or movement to start the alarm owing to the vibration detector. Although it takes affect right when the thief even touches your vehicle, it is quite annoying to the owner as well as everyone around it for being rather too sensitive.

Besides that, if this lock gets wet by water splashing or rain, the working system can easily make an error. In fact, according to experts, a magnetic field generator can disable the alarm system and if we know that, so are the burglars. Therefore, this method isn’t commonly used by consumers.

best motorcycle lock


RFID technology to prevent motorcycles from being stolen

To start the engine, just use the key to unlock it like usual, after that scan the plastic magnetic chip card to a certain spot on the vehicle that is conventional beforehand (usually equipped right next to the lock).

Only after receiving the code from the chip card would the engine start normally. If the plastic magnetic chip card isn’t scanned within 5 seconds, the system will automatically turn on the alarm and the motorcycle cannot be started at the same time.

RFID Technology Lock

This has been rated as one of the best motorcycle lock using modern RFID wireless technology. If the thief is able to break the lock, there is no way to make the engine run and when the alarm goes off, the thief will have no choice but to flee and leave the vehicle with empty-handed.

This type of lock is very convenient and effective when you go shopping or stop the vehicle for just a few minutes. You don’t even need to install other methods to help protect your motorcycle.

It also has waterproof and fireproof design, saves energy and matches perfectly with all kinds of motorcycles on the current market. Click here for more information about this product.

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