How to Pick the Right Kayak for You?

Summer is almost near and you maybe planning to have a long excursion and would like to try kayaking for the first time. And for first timers, your first experience will be crucial when you want to have a good lasting memory. Now to have that you need to pick the right one that will suit you best since kayaks varies in sizes and shapes, not only that picking the right kayak will matter in terms of safety.

Now to help you I will be listing down how to pick the right kayak for you but make sure that you know where you plan to use it and how, thi is to help narrow down the choices and you will have interesting with fish finder.

How to Pick the Right Kayak for You


Here are some things to Consider when Picking a Kayak

  • Where will you be using the kayak? Will you be kayaking in a lake or a pond? Or maybe you plan to explore the sea with huge waves and strong wind?
  • Are you concerned of having a more stable kayak that will be hard to tip over or a fater more responsive kayak?
  • Water temperature

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2 Famous Types of Kayaks

  1. Sit on top Kayak
    1. This is the more famous type
    2. User friendly
    3. More stable than the other type of kayak
    4. Rider does not feel confined in it
    5. Has scupper holes which are small draining water holes inside the kayak
    6. Very easy to get in and out
    7. Perfect for kids
    8. Ideal for cautious paddlers
    9. Allows paddlers to stay dry while you sit
    10. Great for swimming in tropical or warm areas
    11. Perfect for exploring rough waters
  2. Sit-inside

    1. This kayak is for those who wants to explore or paddle faster
    2. Perfect for cooler areas or cooler water
    3. If you want to stay dry as you paddle, then this is the one for you
    4. Hard to recover when you flip over

Other things to Consider when Picking your Kayak

  • Length of the Kayak

Always remember that the narrower and longer it is, the faster it will travel over water but because of its width you can be prone for flipping over faster because it is more unstable. Now if you stability, you should pick a shorter wider kayak.

Recreational kayaks are mostly sit on top types and they are more stable and wider.

  • 3 Categories that comprise a sit inside Kayaks
    • Recreational Sit Inside Kayaks
      • Shorter, wider and it is less confining because of the larger cockpits
      • About 9-12 ft in length
    • Sea Kayaks
      • Made especially for paddling into the sea
      • It is for faster movement above sea waters
      • Can be used on any conditions
      • It is narrow and long with a small cockpit
      • The cockpit has a small skirt which is used to keep the water out
      • Inside the cockpit are thigh hooks that lets you use your legs to control the kayak when paddling
      • Lot less stable than the recreational sit in kayaks
    • Touring Kayaks
      • About 12-15 feet in length
      • It is the in-between sea kayaks and recreational kayaks that claims a enough stability, comfort and performance.
        How to Pick the Right Kayak for You

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Notes to Remember:

Because of the narrow and length of the sea kayak, it is less stable than the 2 kinds and the cockpit are a bit confining to most people.

Remember to take a sea kayaking course if you are planning to get a sea kayak. This is the easiest, surefire way to deal with instances such as a capsize.

And lastly make sure that the kayak that you will purchase is really the one that suits your needs. With this, you will narrow down the choices making your decision more concrete. Your last decision will be then be basis whether you will have a good first experience with kayaking for your vacation.

Now all that’s left if for you to choose the color and brand you want. All I can say about the brand is that those kayaks with brands are something I would personally buy, cause let’s face it, they did undergo strict quality control and testing. But ofcourse your budget will still play a role. Just be wiser when buying kayaks, cause it does come with a price.

I hope this article will help you in picking the right kayak for you.

About the Author:

Lisa Stenbach, a sports article writer and environmentalist based in Europe.

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