Recommended Best Brands of Ukulele for Starters

Before I start, let me share to you how I came to know a lot about ukulele. As an independent music store manager, I have been given the opportunity to play various ukuleles for many years of different sizes and brands. I have played most of this instruments available at the store or when they are up for trade, restringing or for repair.

So what I am imparting in this article are from hands-on real life experience with those actual instruments I have played. First I will show you the ukes that costs less than $100. I have listed these so that you will be able to choose correctly what are the best ukulele brands for beginners.

First one is the Kala KA-C

This uke is originally made in the year 2005 by one of the previous employee of Lanikai. This brand is one of the best selling ukulele in the globe. The company only makes a few ukulele making them focus on the quality of their product. This focused dedication makes it a very high quality uke which is incomparable to other companies that mass produce just for profit. This concert size uke is the cheapest uke in the lineup of Kala. This uke may look plain, but it is sturdy, playable and has consistent performance.

 Brands of Ukulele for Starters


Second one is the Cordoba 15cm.

Honestly I haven’t known anything about the Cordoba brand to give a fair and honest review when I started writing articles about this brand in 2011. I only made a review about this when I was able to actually play this uke and see it for myself. But mind you this is one impressive uke. For the same amount you pay for other entry level ukulele, this brand displays impressive look that may even be mistaken to be so expensive. The body of this uke is clean looking and tight, user friendly, and has impressive sound. You can buy this online for about a hundred dollars.

 Brands of Ukulele for Starters


Third one is the Oscar Schmidt OU2

The Oscar Schmidt OU2 uke can be bought online for price of $69, which is cheper than the other models I have reviewed earlier. This fine ukulele is well built and looks neat but I will still say honestly that the Cordoba and the Kala will still look better slightly when it comes to finish. This uke includes black nylon strings when you purchased it but this uke don’t sound better if you don’t restring it will Aquila Nylgut strings. This may not be my #1 choice but I still feel that this is a really good ukulele cause it is functional and it is cheaper than the rest.

Fourth ukulele on my list is the Kala KA-15S. This ukulele is priced at around $55 which is good news to those who are looking for ukulele with a tight budget. This may be cheap but it does have good quality.

This model is almost similar to the first model of Kala that I have introduced but it is cheaper because of the unbound body and the brass frets. If you are looking for a classic look, this is not the one that you need. The KA-15S has a soprano sized body is not too loud, and the tone is more higher than the larger concert models above. This may not be better than the other models, the price is hard to beat.

Last model I will be sharing to you is the Luna Honu Soprano. This model is made by the world renowed maker of ukulele. This uke is built to made of really good quality materials and has featured some non conventional style.

This model has a classic feature of a Hawaiian traditional ukulele. Etched in front of the uke is a sea turtle, with a crescent shaped bridge and a triangular fretboard marker, these distinct design makes it popular among peers.

Honestly I only played less than 10 Luna ukes for many years, however the quality and performance of this uke is among the best among its competitors so far. For beginners or those without experience in playing uke or wants to learn this one is worth the buy. It sounds good and it looks good.

I hope this article will help you decide on what to buy easier. Happy shopping.

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