There are many famous brands of golf rangefinder in the market these days, but there are also a lot of models that you will want to keep away. Like any gadgets with modern technology, it is important to take thorough consideration before you decide.

That is the reason why we want to rate some of the most popular golf rangefinders in the market these days to look for the most affordable but still useful devices. We want to compare their advantages against their disadvantages to see which devices are really worth the price tags.

In golf rangefinder reviews 2017, to choose our preferences, we look at the expert review and field test. In addition, we also take the views of many amateur players to figure out how helpful and accessible each device feel to a typical consumer.

1. Bushnell Tour Z6

The agreement on Bushnell is almost common in the community of golf players, and their models are seen one of the best devices for professional golf players.

It is also a considerably compact device, with an exterior small rubber for better grasp. In spite of its small design, nevertheless, the building is still very durable. It is also water resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for rainy or foggy weather.

In conclusion, the Bushnell Z6 is our top option for its compact but durable construction, affordable price level, and outstanding operation. If you are looking for a device, which could provide you an advantage on the golf course, then we strongly suggest the Bushnell Z6.

2. Bushnell Pro X7

If you have got a large amount of money for golf rangefinder, then it could be hard for you to look for a better model for golf game than the Pro X7 of Bushnell. This special version is the best option for any golf players thanks to its unequalled precision and magnification.

As both of Tour Z6 and Pro X7 are produced by Bushnell Company, they share a the same characteristics as well as technology.

So what are the difference between the Tour Z6 and the Pro X7 ?

For a new player, the Pro X7 has a large range from 5 yards to 1 mile. In addition, both versions have the same degree of precision of 0.5 yard.

The Pro X7 has 2 versions, the first one with slope technique and the other one without it. Slope technique measures the variation in height between the target and the golf player. While it is definitely a helpful feature, it is not permitted under the rules of USGA tournament.

It is simple to see the reason why this is the favorable version by the vast number of professional players these days. If you are looking for the best operation available in the next golf rangefinder, then the Pro X7 of Bushnell is absolutely a worthy investment.

3. Tec Tec Tec VPRO 500

If the price of some high-quality golf rangefinders make you anxious, or if you are going shopping for the first golf rangefinder, there are a wide range of great golf rangefinders that would suitable for you.

One of the most affordable golf rangefinder that we want to suggest is the Tec Tec Tec VPRO 500. This cheap equipment is one of the most common on online stores, and get top reviews in the price bracket.

In conclusion, if you have a tight budget, or if you are a new user to a golf rangefinder, we highly recommend the VPRO 500 of Tec Tec Tec. It simple to use, precise, flexible and will not cost you a lot of money.

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