The Buying Guide of Slowpitch Ball Bats

All slowpitch softball players hope their team will win as much as possible in all competitions every year. Are your teammates trying to get that goal? Then, it’s the right time to prevent the pain, heartache, bleeding, and other injuries. Now, you should consider preparing the proper bats on the market to make the ideal hits on the course.

The excellent slowpitch softball players should have a strong attack and you can’t do that if you and your teammates are still using ancient old version bats. Choose the best bats for your players and practice with them to upgrade your skills and experience. To get the best things, you may spend some time to search online, but, you can do that through our slowpitch softball bat reviews below. You will get useful information and save time from gathering details on various sites.

Things to know about selecting the best slowpitch softball bats

These bats should be unloaded or balanced, which means they have the equal weight divided into all areas of the bat to make it become balanced. Moreover, the unloaded bat has to consist of the most weight point at the final area so that you can hit the ball powerfully.



These bats are favorable choices of amateur players because of the lightweight and better durability. They include two different constructions: single or double. If you want to make a strong hit, the double layer system is a good tool.


This type is made of resin, fiberglass, graphic and manufacturers use newly advanced technologies to create it. The weight is lighter than that of aluminum and offers the fast and strong swing. Professionals prefer to use this than other bats since it provides the bigger sweet spots as well as the better balance than other materials. Certainly, you must spend a long time on breaking-in but it will help improve the performance


The wooden bats were widely used in the past. Today, they are still main options of professionals and mainly used in all leagues. Their advantages are providing different selections in taper and shapes for managing the swing ability for players. If you plan on forming a perfect swing, you’re highly recommended to use a wooden bat. Moreover, this material offers the less power and smaller sweet spot so it’s easy to break in.


The range of weight stays from 26 – 30 oz. The fact is you get the stronger swing and slower swinging speed from using the heavier bat while you get the weaker swing and faster swinging speed from holding the lighter bat. The strong bats are right choices for stronger and bigger players since they can make use of the advantages and reduce the disadvantages of the bats. Also, the smaller players like using lighter units to create the faster swing. When choosing the bat, you can try to swing two types and define which one you swing comfortably.


The average measurement is 34 inches but it changes basing on the player’s weight and height. If you use a long bat, you will have a greater reach to the ball and link with the pitch on the opposite side of the plate. Another consideration is adding weight can decrease your swing speed and power. If you want to get the peak play, it’s important to combine the right length and weight of the bat. So how do you choose the right measurement? You should try to swing with various bats to get the most efficient one.


Finally, as softball players, you can take part in many competitions at the local or international levels, such as NSA, USSSA, ASA, ISA, or Senior Softball. Every event includes serious rules on the styles of bats.

You can find various slowpitch bats at different ages and genders. You only need to know the specific measurements of the player to choose the suitable bat for him or her. The convenient usage and comfort level is the important consideration when shopping. If you intend to use your bat in softball leagues, you should learn about their rules before buying one.

We hope that you have a great knowledge of choosing the right bat after reading the buying guide of slowpitch softball bats described above. Next, you can confidently purchase the good bat for you.

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