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Things to prepare when you want to climb the mountain with friends

There are people with a group of friends, who enjoys outdoor activities for adventure and a different experience. One of the tiring outdoor and sport activity that these people enjoy is mountain climbing. What you can do in the mountain is not the same with the things that you do when you are just staying indoors.

Some people find mountain climbing risky, but of course, you will not let yourself to be in danger. It is true that you are climbing a mountain adventurously and have fun with this activity, but you have to keep yourself alert and ready all the time.

Preparing for Mountain Climbing Adventure

Before planning for a mountain climbing activity with your friends. You have to make sure that you are well prepared. So, we have here a list of gears, equipment and tools necessary for your mountain climbing adventure.

  • Backpack

Of course, you have to bring very important gadgets or food and water with you. You need this bag to store your necessary gears and tools after your activity.

  • Helmet

This is very important for mountain climbers. They need a helmet to protect their head from falling objects.

  • Rope, cords and webbings

This is a special kind of rope that is designed for climbing made of twisted fibres and woven sheathes. You may use a dynamic rope or belaying rope, which is receiving the energy of a climber. You may also use a static rope or fixed rope, which is also used in rappelling or with ascenders. There is also a webbing that is made of nylon material, which is used as an extender, anchor and for protecting ropes.

  • D Carabiners

This is a loop made of metal, having spring openings and is used as a connector. A locking carabiner prevents from opening when used and it could also have an auto-lock function. A non-locking carabiner is usually used with quickdraws.

  • Belay or ascend

Its main function is to act as friction brakes when belaying. Therefore, a climber’s fall is prevented.

  • Descenders or Rappel

This serves as a friction brake that is used with descending ropes.

  • Harnesses

It is used to connect the rope and the climber. This is usually found around the pelvis or hips.

  • Quickdraws or Draws

This connects the rope to the bolt anchor to minimize friction.

  • Sling

This is a webbing that you may use to wrap around rocks, tie other equipment or device, extend the anchor or to climb the rope.

  • Daisy Chain

May be used as a sling and to lengthen the straps from the anchor point to the rope.

  • Protection Device

It is used to place anchor points temporarily on the rocks.

  • Training Equipment

It could be a hanging board, grip saver, campus board or bachar ladder that helps the climber improve their strength.

  • Climbing Shoes

When you go for a mountain climbing activity, you have to make sure to wear a pair of shoes that is specifically designed for this type of activity.

  • Belay Gloves

This is necessary to protect your hand. Choose a glove made of synthetic or leather material.

  • Other Tools

It is important for you to be prepared when staying in the mountain for mountain climbing. Make sure to have a tactical knife that you may use for cutting tree branches, trimming bushes and clearing your way. You may use a tactical knife in preparing food. And then, you may use your tactical knife as a self-defense because you just do not know if wild animals may come from a surprise attack.

Mountain climbing will always be fun when you are out there with friends. The activity is not that easy, but with the presence and cooperation of your friends, everything will go fine. It is also important for you to know special languages or hand signals when you are climbing the mountain because sometimes communication is not easy, especially when you are at a distance from each other. But, when you are mountain climbing with your friends, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on your friends. Do not go far from them and do not go in a different direction. Plan your adventure well and you will surely reach the top of the mountain with success.

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