Top 3 islands travel in Vietnam

There are so many popular destinations in Asia. When it comes to islands for tourists to travel, you will find many of them in Vietnam. Islands are always one of the main attractions in every place. No matter how far they are or how tiring it is, travelers will come to it. They feel like they have achieved something great the moment they successfully reached the islands of their choice. It might be an opportunity that they do not want to miss because if you have stepped on an island, it is an accomplishment.

Con Dao Islands

The Con Dao Islands or the Con Son Island is on the southern coast of Vietnam and it has over 16 islands that attracts tourists. It has blue beaches and white sad. You can get fish from this island at a very low price. You can also find different kinds of snails that is good for collectors. From here, travelers may also visit the Hang Duong cemetery and check out the beauty of the Bay Canh Beach. You will also find the Con Dao National Park consists of different animal species.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son islandThe Ly Son Island or the Re Isles are one of the famous island destinations in Vietnam that is 14miles from the Sa Ky Port. Here, you will find the To Vo gate, the Quan Am Dai, the Hang Pagoda, the An Hai Village temple, the Hoang Sa Museum, the Cau Cave and the National Flag Pole on the peak of Thoi Loi. The Ly Son Island is popularly called as the Garlic Capital of the Central part of Vietnam, but people from this island lives by fishing and farming. You will also find here the ancient Sa Huynh and the Champa cultures. There are also volcanic mouths called the Gieng Tien and the Thoi Loi.

Phu Quoc Island

One of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam is the Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang, which is also known as the Thu Islet, the Khoai Xu Islet, the Thuan Tinh Island and the Pearl Island. It is actually the largest among all other islands in Vietnam, consisting of 22 islands. The Phu Quoy Island is 120 km from the Phan Thiet City. From here, you may also get the chance to explore the Forbidden Mountain Lighthouse, the Huynh Da seafoods and the Cat Mountain. The Phu Quoc was even ranked through votes by the National Geographic as third among the most beautiful tourist attractions in the winter. It was also recognized by the Asiaone as one of the top ten among the ideal beach attractions in Asia.

By merely checking out the islands in Vietnam through photos, you will already see how beautiful and lovely they are. That is why travelers from different countries would like to have a real experience of stepping on these islands and not only looking at photos or videos from other tourists who have visited the islands. If you are already on these islands, you will surely be amazed with what you can see. A simple beauty of nature is waiting for you.

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