Top beautiful churches in Italy

It could have been better, if all tourists can come to Italy. This is a European country, so when you come here, expect your trip to be quite luxurious. Anyway, Italy comes with Mediterranean coastline. And then, you will surely observe a real Western culture in the place. Aside from that, I am pretty sure that you will love how Western cuisine tastes like. By the way, the capital city of Italy is Rome, where you can find the famous landmark – the Vatican. There are also ancient ruins here as well beautiful churches.

You can find the most beautiful churches here in Italy. That’s why the cities and villages had been popular, especially they have magnificent churches. In my opinion, what’s more exciting is to visit the historical churches or those that had been standing there for centuries.

For tourists, who are coming to Italy, I suggest you not to miss the top most beautiful churches. This is not simply because you wanted to witness its architectural design. But to also learn something about its history. And then, you are surely coming to see how impressive these cathedrals are. Anyway, we have here a few of the top and most beautiful churches for you to visit when you come to Italy.

The Basilica of St. Francis

When you are in Italy, you should not miss coming to Assisi, where you can find the Basilica of St. Francis. Anyway, this masterpiece is such a beauty with a bi-level architectural design. It was created in 1253 and was proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This famous cathedral highlights various pilgrimages of the country that of course, belongs to the Christians.

By the way, this basilica has two churches. They have the Upper Basilica, which was designed in a Gothic style. And then, the other one is the Lower Basilica, which is designed in a Romanesque style. You can find here various paintings from the medieval frescoes like Cimabue, Giotto and Pietro Lorenzetti. Anyway, you should not miss exploring the High Altar, which Constantinople brought to Italy from.

The Basilica of St. Anthony

Now, if you have plans of coming to Italy, you should not also miss visiting Padua, where you can find the Basilica of St. Anthony. This majestic basilica was built in 1310. Of course, this is worth visiting because of its beauty. It was designed with the combination of various elements, such as Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque. These helped bring a spectacular exterior and inspiring interior, too.

Do not think about playing and hopping on the floor, which is built with checkerboard marble. This is actually an impressive work of different sculptors from the Renaissance like Jacopo Sansovino and Tullio Lombardo. By the way, you can find here the main altar. It is where Donatello’s bronze sculpture was located – an illustration of the miracles of St. Anthony. Aside from that check out the towering crucifix in the central part.

The Cathedral of St. Agatha

Now, let’s go to the Catania. It is where you can find the Cathedral of St. Agatha, which is another beautiful church in Italy. Do you know that there is a nearby volcano called, Mount Etna? When this erupted and the earthquake destroyed this cathedral for several times, but luckily, it was rebuilt.

Anyway, this church was designed with a tri-level Baroque façade and a Baroque theme. There is a bell tower here that adorns the façade. The interior features attractive wood carvings and domed ceilings. These designs depict the life of St. Agatha.

The Cathedral of St. Andrew

As a tourist destination, the Amalfi coast is quite popular in Italy. This is where you can find the Cathedral of St. Andrew, which is actually sitting on top of a staircase and looms over the Piazza Duomo. What’s really amazing here is the Arab-Sicilian façade. They also have medieval doors that was even made of bronze material. And then, they have an elaborated bell tower, comprising the central cupola.

The interior is rich in Baroque style as well as paintings, depicting the life of St. Andrew, which is from the 18th century. Indeed, this makes the church stunning. Do not forget to admire the silver bust of St. Andrew as well as its stunning cross made of pearl.

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