Top rated electric lawn mower 2016

Before I tell you the top rated electric lawn mowers, let me first enumerate to you the benefits of using an electric lawn mower from traditional gas powered lawn mower.

  • Electric lawn mower are small and compact. Traditional gas powered are too bulky and takes to much space in your shed or garage
  • No need to do yearly maintenance
  • Cheaper in terms of usage. Does not need gas to run
  • Not too noisy
  • Does not produce gas emission
  • There is no pull cord to start the mower. Meaning less hassle
  • Cheaper long term cost
Top rated electric lawn mower


Now that I gave you the basic, I will now show you some electric lawn mowers that we have tested and I will share to you what we have found out. But first, please keep this in mind before you purchase an electric lawn mower if you are unsure of the model.

  • Power
  • This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind when you purchase this item because it will be such a hassle to wait for the battery to recharge in the middle of the errand or when you already mowed halfway of the yard.
  • Keep in mind that electric mower don’t operate or work as long as traditional mowers. So when purchasing, you need to check how long the can you use it when it is fully charged and how much time does it take to have the batteries recharged fully.
  • A traditional mower works longer cause they use gas to operate. It will work as long as there is fuel inside the tank. Electric lawn mowers lasts between 40 minutes to 70 minutes on average depending on the model.
  • To compensate for battery life, most manufacturers seeks for creative ways like using 2 batteries. Even though they use 2 batteries, that does not necessarily mean that the mower will run longer.
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Check how high is the voltage of the mower. Higher voltage means better torque & much smoother cut. If you live in a climate were the grass are thicker, the mower don’t need much battery and engine power leading to more even, smoother cut.
  • Yard size
  • Some manufacturers list down in their specifications the optimal yard size so that you can choose the best one that will suit your needs.
  • A yard of quarter of an acre is suited best for an electric lawn mower.
  • In a fully charged mower, it can mow of upto 1/3 of an acre.
  • You need to consider the weeds too, since they are tougher and will drain the batteries faster.
  • Overall Performance
  • Checking of overall performance is also important to evaluate the different length of the grass and some convenient features you will find in battery operated lawn mowers
  • Some of the features includes single lever for height adjustment, self propulsion and some have grass clipping option. All these features help lessen strain and stress from the mower.
  • Other important things to check:
  • Design or Style- the material used for the blade is made up of tin which makes it lighter while those made of steel makes the mower heavy. The weight of the mower makes it easier or harder to maneuver. So for old people lighter mowers are idea. Check also the wheel size cause it will make work easier most especially if you have a big lawn.
  • Shape- the shape of the mower is important as well. If you only have a small yard with big trees or many shrubs, it will be easier to cut around if you only have a narrower cutting shaper. However if you have a square, rectangular or large lawn, you will benefit more with a wider cutting path.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Always opt for a mower with high quality support. Check if they offer phone or email suppor and if their service center is convenient for you to get the most out of your mower.

Recommended Top Rated Electric Lawn Mowers


  • This I think earned the Gold award in terms of performance.
  • This have the widest cutting path
  • Fast charging time of about only 40 minutes

Kobalt 40-Volt Cordless Mower

  • In terms of performance, for me this is the Second placer.
  • This is lighter cause of its dual battery design
  • Battery will ran out in a little over an hour

Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless Cordless Mower

  • 3rd placer in terms of performance
  • Really good in customer service
  • Has 5 years warranty
  • Downside is the lack of self propulsion and side discharge for grass cutting

Eco friendly alternative, quiet, low maintenance, efficiently cuts grass , no gas emission—these are the main advantage and beauty of using an electric lawn mower in comparison with gas powered mower. I hope this article will help you choose the right one that you need cause we believe that cutting grass don’t need to be hard as long as you have the right tool.

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Stein Jackson, a father of 2 kids from Miami. Advocate of organic farming.

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