Top Travel Food for Babies

It is really easy to trave food for baby, it is actually one of the best time to travel with you child since they are so small and portable. Since they are unable to walk, you don’t have to run after them at the airplane aisle just to fasten their seatbelt.

I have listed here some reasons why it is so convenient to travel with babies:

  • Easily contented. Babies are contented just to be with you. While toddlers or bigger kids, needs to explore cause they are always curious and are easily bored.
  • Mostly sleeping. Babies takes a nap especially if you place them in a stroller, in the car, when on your lap, or even when you are carrying him while strolling or buying in a store.
  • No agenda. They will just mind their own business of just looking around or just sleep while you do what you want if you place them in a sling.
  • Best Travel Food for Babies


Let’s be realistic, traveling with a baby is not always easy. You need to consider that baby do cry anywhere like in a train, a bus or a plane. You need to also change diapers in the most unusual places when needed, and their regular schedule of sleeping and eating done at home will not be followed.

So before traveling, it is important to be prepared to help ease the situation and will help keep cool. Below are some tips to check and follow before travelling.

  • First things first it to bring your baby to the doctor to see if he is fit to travel. When traveling, you should note that babies are more vulnerable from germs cause of their weaker immune system. Your trusted pediatrician should perform the general check up and will tell you if he/she is fit to travel
  • Carry more diapers than you usually prepare. It may be harder to bring, but it will go a long way especially if you are going to have air delays.
  • Bring extra bottles, wipes, diapers, food or formulas, clothes change for your baby and for you (babies might vomit during mid-flight)
  • When packing necessities or baby’s thing, you might want to consider to spread them from different luggage. That is in case that a luggage is lost, so that you still have things to use while waiting for the luggage.
  • Bring along a binder clips and painter’s tape. A painter’s tape is very easy to apply and remove, perfect for baby proofing any room like condos or hotels. It is good for covering side tables, loose wires to tape up, secure drawers and cover open electrical outlets.
  • Best Travel Food for Babies


Ok so now that preparation for the trip is on the go, let us now prepare the food for your little one. Let us face it, us parents are scared of feeding our baby unhygienic or packaged foods. And we are not also always confident at the food prepared at restaurants, so the best way is to bring along homemade food for travel.

Listed here are some of the Hassle free homemade travel food for your babies.

  • Milk- not unless you are breastfeeding, you need to bring formula or milk powder for the duration of the trip.
  • Fruits- these are one of the most convenient and best travel food. It is healthy, tasty, and hygienic. Some of the great fruits for babies that you can mash are banana, melons, papaya etc.
  • Instant porridge. You can easily make this by just adding water.
  • Potatoes and Carrots. This is can be carried easily and does not need refrigeration. If you can find a rice cooker, you can just boil it and mash them. Perfect for lunch and dinner
  • For snacks, usually parents prepare packaged biscuits or cookies as snacks. You can also look for jellies that contains no preservatives or additives in them. You can also try making some home made snacks that does not need to be refrigerated like energy bars made of figs and mashed dried fruits, roasted chick peas, chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, laddus, and even brownies.

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