Travel Guide Dalat city 2 days 1 nights

Moving around Vietnam is one of the things that many backpackers and tourist love to do. Going to different tourist spots in Vietnam is something that makes them successful when it comes to their passion in tourism. Many people might be asking why most tourists always come and choose Vietnam as a place to spend their holiday trips, but the thing is that many people do not know that Vietnam has so much to offer because the beautiful country of Vietnam is rich in history and wonders of nature that many have not yet explored and once you have come to know that Vietnam is such a great place, you will surely come and visit one day.

Aside from the Ho Chi Minh City, which is a very busy and crowded place, full of foreigners and people from the villages to do trade and business. There is also another placed called DaLat, which people should come and check out. Remember that visiting a country’s tourist spot is not just going to the city side of a country, but also exploring what is in the countryside, especially if you love nature and you like doing things having a cool and different experience with the nature’s touch.

The beautiful place of DaLat is often referred to as, The City of the Eternal Spring. It is located 100km west of Nha Trang, which is in the South Central plateau of Vietnam. Da Lat has a cool climate and it is ideal for planting fruits and vegetables. And for a tourist to enjoy the place, it will be best to have a 2-day tour and a night. So pick a Dalat tours now.

Coming to DaLat must be early in the morning to enjoy the natural scenery of the countryside, if you are going to leave Nha Trang around 8am, then you must be in DaLat by lunch. In the afternoon, you may go to the Golden Valley, which is just 14km north of DaLat and in this park you will find an orchid garden with different varieties of flowers.

The next thing is to proceed to the Lang Biang Mountain, which is 2,169 meters above sea level so the view from the top of this mountain will surely make you witness the splendid lakes and rivers with the huge field of trees and plants around.

After sight-seeing, you may have the chance to visit the DaLat Village, this is a good chance for you to learn about the culture and enjoy fire dancing and drinking of local wine and when you go back to the city, you can have some time roaming around the DaLat Night Market for some souvenir shopping.

On your second day, you may go to the Truc Lam Pagoda, which is located at the Phung Hoang mountain and it is the largest pagoda in DaLat.

After visiting the pagoda, you may proceed to one of the loveliest waterfall called, Datanla Waterfall, which is just 5km south of DaLat.

Then just 10km from DaLat center is the Prenn Waterfall, which looks like a curtain out of water.

In the afternoon, you may visit the so-called Crazy House, formerly called, Hang Nga Villa. It has a unique architectural design that you will surely be amazed with.

After that, you may go back to Nha Trang. The trip is just good for two days, but you have gone to the most beautiful tourist spots that DaLat has been always proud of. DaLat might be in a countryside part of Vietnam, but it is not a reason to be silent because DaLat needs to voice out and let every tourist knows that DaLat is blessed and gifted.

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