Why there are so many bikes on the road ?

The answer may seem obvious to enthusiastic cyclists, while it is still a mystery to laymen.

Like any activities, you will not understand them until you try to join in to see the fun and advantages. So contact us to pick the best road bikes under 1000, hop on one and you will finally understand what it’s like to be riding a bike.

so many bikes

Put your safety helmet on and lock it down. Join our trip under the shining sky, enjoying the warmth of a summer morning. Take a grab of your handlebar; get out of the comfy bed in the room full of conditioned air. Say goodbye to your computer, to your lazy cat, but don’t forget to bring the house key and your smartphone. Turn off the light, and say hello to the world.

As you take your bike out of your house, you are wondering which way to go when you are out in the open world. You will be greeted by the heat of the sun, the warmth of the breeze, and the friendliness of you people walking on the streets. Some may even give you a hug. Setting up your bike properly so that your seat is comfortable, your pedal distance is just right, and your handlebar is ready for speeding up. Now that you’re done, let’s mount up and ride.

The sidewalk of the streets are full of bumps, and as you steer you bike around, you can hear people talking, animals singing.

The wind embraces you and you breathe in. You are ready to speed up, so you put more strength to your foot, pedaling much harder. As you turn at the corner to a wider road, a new world opens before your eyes. They are ready for your conquest. You feel like flying, and nothing can stop you. As your legs pedal faster, the warm summer air surrounds you. “I’m gonna travel around the world”, you think to yourself. You have done this so many times, and yet the feelings never get old when you get on your bike. Like the famous Black Eyed Peas song, you feel like today’s gonna be a good day.

You make another turn and get onto the path for bikepath for bike

You start to pedal harder. As your bikes go faster, the breeze blows stronger. You can hear the sound of the air by your year, and the noise of cars passing by. Your adrenaline goes up. You feel like you are now in a bike race, like in Tour De France. You take a deep breath and start to push harder. You are now competing with yourself.

As you pedal faster, the wheel turns faster.

As you start to go downhill, you stop pedaling for a while, lift your feet up and put them on the frame of your bike to let them rest. You enjoy the scenic view from the top of the hill as your bike travels down. Once you have reached the bottom and the speed goes down, you put your feet back on the pedals and continue the ride. Along the way, you see a family cycling with their kid sitting in the trailer. You smile at them and they smile back at you. What a beautiful day you have! Being able to meet great people, enjoy the open air and the beauty of nature. happy pedal

This is what you have always wanted:

to ride your bicycle out on the street on a beautiful Sunday, waving at people walking on the street. As you approach a coffee store, you stop your bike. An iced cup of coffee is a great complement to a wonderful bike ride. You take your coffee, and bring it to a table outside. You take a seat under the umbrella, take out your smartphone, open your book reading application, and continue to read the book that you just bought on Amazon yesterday for $0.99. It was on sale! What an offer! Everything is great, and you text your mom and dad to say you love them.

The ride back home is also really great, too.

Another hill to go down, another scene to enjoy. As the weather is hot, your body is filled with sweat. Your heart beats fast as you breathe in and out. Your legs still want to go more. But here’s your house. You take your bike in, go straight to the bathroom and take a warm shower. It’s already noon, and you’re ready to have some lunch. A great day has just started, and the fun has just begun.

Now that you feel the excitement in riding a bike, let’s visit our place and choose a companion for your trip.

Nick Soros has been tried many different road bikes and become an cycling enthusiast for a 10 years. He collected many top and affordable road bikes on the market that can help you choose the most suitable one. They’re basing your budget as well as your demand. So it would be useful if you check his informative advice before give your final decision. Not only for first riders, but experienced ones.

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